A.I. game prototype

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A.I. game prototype

I'm currently just finishing off version 0.1.5 of the prototype engine. It is currently in a state which would allow a basic "the sims" type game to be made using it. I expect the next few versions (maybe upto about version 0.5.0) to be spent on mainly improving the low level engine, before I start working on the high level A.I (the main purpose of making the engine in the first place).

One thing I want to look into during the low level development is allowing multiple behaviours to be running at the same time. So that if the character picks up a object (say a drink) and then starts towards a chair to sit in, but as they walk past one of the kitchen counters they see the chocolate cake sitting there, waiting for them to eat, they can then start up another piggyback behaviour (script) that will divert them to the cake and pick up a peice. The piggyback script will then allow the original one to continue the movement to the chair. Once the character is sitting down then the piggyback script will either still be running or a new behaviour script will be started to make the sim eat the cake while at the same time the original script is making the sim drink.

This will need for the animations to only effect the arm (leg in some cases?) that is required for each task, freeing the other arm to be used by a different behaviour (in our case, picking up and carrying the cake). At first I hope to avoid having to implement I.K., but I do want to add it at a later stage, as well as try out a range of procedural animation techniques.


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